How can you help?

There are many things you could help out with - some of them right in your own neighborhood! 


Do it yourself

Some ideas to help out in your own neighborhood!

At home

  • Use less water. Be careful when you run your tap. 

  • Recycle. Have separate waste for paper, plastic, etc. 

  • You can grow your own herbs, vegetables and fruits! 

  • Reuse items for craft projects. 

In the shop

  • Bring your own bag when you go shopping.

  • Don't use plastic straws; bring your own straw! 

  • Only buy products from sustainable sources. Check the mark on the packaging. 

  • Embrace "ugly" fruits and vegetables. They still taste very good! 


  • Walk or cycle wherever you go, or use public transportation. Try to use the car less. 

  • Visit local farmer's markets. 

  • Pick up trash if you see it! 

  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator. 

  • Take your own bottle of water everywhere you go. 


Help out others

You can help out around the world with great initiatives!


Many great organizations could use your help. Find out online where you can help, either through donations or volunteering. 
Our suggestions are to look at animal and environment protection!

Beach cleaning

A great way to help out in the community. Join your local groups in helping to clean our beaches!

Plant trees

This can start small in your own backyard. You can also help out with organizations to plant trees in your city.